The Brandy of the Damned

A novel.

Cover of The Brandy of the Damned

Russell, Penny and Will have not seen each other for twenty years. Why, then, do they spend a month driving around the coast of Britain in a van refusing to listen to music? Why do they find little blue bottles washing up on the shore containing pages from a future Bible? And why is Penny carrying such a huge spade? Funny, surprising and good-hearted, The Brandy of the Damned is a dream-like short novel that leaves the reader strangely grounded and which reveals different things each time it is read. It is the literary equivalent of stepping off the path and heading out into the woods, knowing that if you can’t see what’s ahead you are never bored.

This book is no longer in print.

“An increasingly mesmerising hybrid of engaging travelogue and unsettling genre elements” – Jason Arnopp

“A child’s tale of the imagination told for adults, in a way that is both entertaining and beautiful” – CJ Stone

“A meta-magical fugue full of unexpected, almost accidental, profundity… it travels through a landscape where just about anything might happen while never compromising the readers’ belief in the reality of the characters” – Zenbullets