One of my great joys this year has been working with Ian Broudie on his autobiography – which has now landed in a book shop near you:

Ian’s story goes from stumbling into Ken Campbell’s Illuminatus! play, producing bands like Echo & The Bunnymen and The Fall, the glorious uplifting psychedelic pop of the Lightning Seeds and, of course, writing the only single to go to number one four times. As the blurb explains, in the book he tells what he has learnt about creativity, how to work with musicians touched by genius and what it is like to stumble through an exploding industry without losing sight of your dreams.

Photo by at Resident Records

Here’s me and Ian celebrating the launch of the book at Resident Records in Brighton. It does look like I’m serenading him, doesn’t it? Bursting into ‘I’ve Got You Babe’ when the feeling strikes is never wrong.

I learnt tons from spending time with Ian this year, because his insights and his understanding of creativity is an education. I hope you enjoy his story – you can find it here.

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